About The Project



It all started as a proposal for an assignment of our Global Protest class with Professor David Giles Winter Quarter of 2015.  Jessica Cole and I Ruth Medina, were so frustrated because as parents with children and no childcare on campus, we are forced to attend only during the evenings, leaving less class options and little to no access to the resources that we are paying for.  It did not seem fair, it is not fair! Parents should not be punished and held back from all resources that our institution has to offer because we do double work, we are students and moms.  We started conducting research,  Jessica focused on trying to get more evening classes for parenting and working students.  I focused on Childcare and the fact that it oppresses women rights to higher education. After Jessica learned that Evening classes was something that would already be offered soon, she decided to focus more on childcare with me.  We began contacting strangers not knowing what their reaction would be.  We started doing archival research to know if what we were doing had been done before by other students, and most importantly we began to feel and gain strength to ask for more and demand our rights to equal access to the resources for our education from our school.  We sent out emails, we went to meetings, we went to tours of other community Colleges childcare centers.  For example Edmond’s Community College family center and even conducted our own protest for space for our children who are part of us.


Constitution for the club – After Jessica and I advocated for childcare, we wanted to have more parenting students join our cause.  We knew that we were not the only parenting students on our campus.  Jessica came up with the idea of starting a club, were we could have more people join the childcare conversation.

Constitution for Parent Union

Our Research – During our global protest class with Professor David Giles, we developed a research proposal for a childcare movement on our campus as well as other universities.  After this course we both decided to keep advocating for childcare and conduct more research to find ways in which we could recommend our campus to provide childcare resources.

BISGST 397 Global Protest Final Childcare Research Proposal

Final Report

Childcare Rules and Regulations Report

Appendix B Liability

Funding Spring Presentation 2015

Research Results Parent Run Cooperatives

Presentation Boards

presentation board #1

Presentation Board Spring 2015 #2

Northshore YMCA Presentation Board #3

Recommendations – We developed documents where we recommend our institution different childcare scenarios of childcare services that can be provided at our campus.

Childcare Business Options for the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College Contract

Proposal for a Childcare Coalition or Contract with the Northshore YMCA

Proposal for a Childcare Director at UWB

Survey Results – Our administration worked together with us to find childcare solutions for our campus, and The Parent Union recommended a survey to take everyone into consideration.

Survey Results Report Parent Union

Survey #2 Results Report Parent Union

Olympia Speech – During our advocacy for childcare, we also reached out for support from our state representatives.

Olympia Speech

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