Lactation Room in UW1 128!


The UW1 128 Lactation Station access has been changed to a card reader. Your husky card can be used to gain access, please contact Campus Safety to activate your card.

For room owners, please send me a list of users so I can add them to this list.

Thank you,

Therese Grant




Good Morning Therese,

Our team has completed the card access installation to UW1-128.  It is programmed and tested and is now working properly.

You will have to first work with Campus Safety to decide who will be authorized to access / use this room via card access.

After cards have been authorized


As the user of this room first looks for the outside to say VAC for vacant.

VACANT MODE: You will see VAC


If (VAC) Vacant, then the user will gain access using the card reader,

Then the user can enter and turn the thumb turn from inside which will turn the outside indicator to (OCC) or Occupied .

OCCUPIED MODE:   you will see OCC


Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


Anthony Guerrero, MBA, CEFP, CFM

Associate  Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services and Campus Operations

University of Washington Bothell

UW Box # 358575

11125 NE 180th Street





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