Parent Union Newsletter Drafted by Ruth Medina


What Great News from the Chancellors Office!

The following information was sent out earlier today:

“The Washington State Legislature adopted RCW 43.70.640 in favor of workplace breastfeeding. In it, the legislature encouraged state and local governmental agencies to consider the benefits of providing convenient, sanitary, safe, and private rooms for mothers to express breast milk. UW Bothell is in full support of this legislative policy.

In response to the above mentioned policy as well as our growing campus population and increased need we are transitioning the following rooms effective Thursday, May 5, 2016.

  • Founders Hall (UW1) 128 – currently used as a multi-purpose room, will become a permanent dedicated lactation station. Alternate locations of kitchenettes to store and eat lunch are UW1 228 & 328.
  • Commons Hall (UW2) 336 – designated as a temporary lactation station that will be available from May 5 to September 27, utilization of this space will be assessed at a later date.

In addition to the lactation spaces we also have multi-use quiet/lactation rooms located in Husky Hall 1419 and Beardsley Crossing 102U.

For information on room scheduling, contacts, and amenities please go to UW Bothell Lactation Station web page.”

On behalf of The Parent Union we are inviting all of our members to thank our Chancellor for this great initiative!

Club Recognition Ceremony Wednesday, May 18, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

AWARDS for Graduating Parenting Students

The Parent Union at UW Bothell recognizes the challenges that parenting students go through to attain their degrees. Therefore, if you are graduating this year we would like to congratulate you and honor you with an award during the club recognition ceremony! If you would like to receive an award please provide us with your full name and major by May 9th.  If you also know of anyone who deserves this award please share the news and provide them with our contact information.

AWARDS for supportive staff and faculty

IF you are a faculty or staff member who has been in constant support of parenting students, we would also like to award you please send us your full name and title by May 9th so that you may receive your award. Students, staff and faculty if you know of anyone else who deserves this award please let us know or give them our contact information.

If you are unable to attend the banquet you may pick up your award at our regular Parent Union meetings Mondays from 11-noon.

SAF has awarded The Parent Union

  1. Family Friendly Proposal- In January the Parent Union submitted a proposal requesting SAF funds ($21,333) for making our campus more family friendly 2016-2017. SAF has granted our proposal and is waiting approval from the board of regents this June.
  2. Childcare Assistance Program- In January the Parent Union submitted a proposal requesting SAF funds ($300,000) for financial childcare assistance to qualifying parenting students 2016-2017. SAF has granted our proposal providing $105,000 and is awaiting approval from the board of regents this June.

What this means is that The Parent Union has been granted a total of $126,333 in support of parenting students, special thanks to SAF! Please make sure to thank them at


We have conducted our first playdates this quarter! And we are excited to continue to work with you to include your children on campus, we meet every Friday at 10am in the ARC first floor.  Come join us with your kiddos ready to learn and play!

Parent Union Meetings

The Parent Union will continue to meet every Monday at the ARC from 11am-noon. Please don’t hesitate to stop by, say hello, vent or come search for resources available to you that you may not know about!


Thank you,

The Parent Union Officers

Ruth Medina, Jessica Cole, Rebecca Diamond, Adekunle Lawal, Kayleigh Siaris


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