Hello Parent Union members!

 I hope that you are all settling into Winter quarter and are finding your classes to be enjoyable!  We are emailing you for a few reasons: there are a few things to update you on, we have an update to the open positions list, and we just want you to know that we are still here.

First: the updates

 This month a few programs were released to support parents on our campus.  With information from the survey that people so kindly responded to we were able to negotiate some programs: sick child care, priority placement at two Kindercare locations in our area, and discounts at Champions and Kindercare.  For more information please see the attached flyer.  We hope that these services will allow you greater access to your education at UWB.

This week, as the Parent Union, we submitted two proposals to the annual SAF budget committee.  One proposal focused on making spaces on campus more family friendly by adding toys to different spaces.  We are requesting funds to place toys in the library, writing center, Quantitative Skills Center, Husky Hall, UW1, Discovery Hall, the Commons, Food For Thought, and UW2.  The second proposal is requesting funds to grant students who need to supplement their childcare costs.  As part of the process Ruth and I will be presenting our case to the SAF committee on Friday, February 12th at 9:15-9:25AM and at 10:30-10:40AM.  We are very excited about these proposals because this would impact 100’s of students on campus.  We believe that your support can strengthen the proposals, you can show your support by coming to the SAF committee hearing on Friday, February 12th or write a letter to the SAF committee that explains how these proposals would impact you.  If you decide to write a letter please send them to Ruth or myself.  To view the proposals, see attached documents.

Another update is that we welcomed our new Chief Marketing Officer Adekunle Lawal this month.  Adekunle is working towards his Master’s in Education here at UWB.  Adekunle has hit the ground running and is planning our next event: Night Fest on February 3rd.  Adekunle has experience with school aged children through his before/after school programming work.  We are excited and honored to have him on our team and we know that with his help we will be able to make the Parent Union a long lasting institution on our campus.  Adekunle will be managing the table at Night Fest and we encourage you to come meet our newest officer.

Next: Announcements

 Our first announcement is that (as you know) we will be tabling at Night Fest.  Please bring your kids because we will a game and give aways for our little husky pups!  Night Fest will be on February 3rd at the ARC on the top floor from 4PM-7PM.  We hope to see you there!

Our second announcement is that Ruth Medina has created a website that serves as a resource for parenting students and gives details on the history of the Parent Union and the Making School Accessible Project.  If you want to learn more about what the Parent Union is up to, or about the history of the union please visit the following website:

Our final announcement is that our officer Rebecca Diamond’s Dance Club is hosting an event on February 19th at 7PM.  It will be a dance concert and children are welcome!

Finally: Positions to Fill

 On that note, we have more positions to fill!  If you feel passionate about making change happen on our campus, and you realize the benefit of supporting parenting students at UWB, please consider applying for one of the following positions:

Chief Planning Officer: coordinates and plans events on behalf of the Parent Union.

Treasurer:  completes all funding requests for the Parent Union as well as monitoring yearly budgets.

We only have two positions left, so please email us if you are interested.  Not only will you be contributing to a worthy cause but the title will look good on your resume too!

You can apply by emailing myself or Ruth Medina.  Your email should include your name, major, class (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior), and the reason why you want to be involved.


 We are so thankful to have each and every one of you as members of the Parent Union at UWB, and we know that with you there isn’t anything that we couldn’t do.  If you feel that you are unable to commit to one of the positions above, please know that we can use your help in other ways as well.  From getting your ideas on ways that UWB can be more accessible to helping out at events, we can use any help possible.

Also, we recognize that being a parenting student is full of hard decisions, sacrifices, and tight schedules, we are here to lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry upon.  Please contact us if you just need someone to talk to or brainstorm solutions with.  We are here for you!


Jessica Cole & Ruth Medina

Jessica Cole
Making School Accessible Project
The Parent Union

Ruth Medina
Right to Childcare
Making School Accessible




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