Parent Union Meeting

Hello Parent Union Members!

I am emailing you all to update you on what is happening with the Parent Union.  There are three main events that are very important to know about, a meeting between the Parent Union and UWB/ UW Seattle, the survey released yesterday, and finally a call for volunteers.

The Meeting between the Parent Union and UW

The meeting included the following people:

Chelsea Knodel – Director of Auxiliary Services

Christine Lavelle – Director of Contracts and Risk Management

Beth Beam – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Organizational Excellence and HR

Amy Hawkins – Director WorkLife and Childcare Development, UW Seattle HR

Ruth Medina

Jessica Cole

Amy Hawkins has been working on expanding childcare services on the Seattle campus and through her work she has accumulated $3million for childcare services.  Unfortunately, Bothell will not be receiving any of those funds.

The goal of the meeting was for Amy Hawkins to present a proposal as well as for the Parent Union to present a proposal to the administration.  Amy Hawkin’s proposal to UWB and The Parent Union was about sick child care, emergency care and priority placement at Kindercare locations in our area.  The proposal that the Parent Union submitted was regarding a coalition with the YMCA to bring an onsite childcare to UWB as well as a proposal to hire a staff member who would continue to make the campus family friendly (such as Amy Hawkins).

After the proposals were presented we all took on tasks to make them reality.  One of those tasks was to survey the UWB campus (students, staff, and faculty) to find out preferred locations for the potential Kindercare contract.

The Survey

The Parent Union recently sent out a survey to all staff and faculty as well as all of those who claimed dependents on the FAFSA.  This survey will serve as a resource for The Parent Union to use as leverage when advocating for an onsite childcare.  It also allows us to make decisions based on what the parent population at UWB needs from their campus in order to have full access to their education.  Please take some time to complete the survey so that we may present accurate data to UW and so that you are represented in the decisions that are being made on your behalf.

You can find the survey at the following link:

A Call for Help

While we recognize how busy all of our members are, we really need help to make our campus family friendly.  Ruth and I have been spending most of our time advocating for childcare services, and don’t have time to plan and implement the most important thing that the Parent Union needs to do: community building.  After receiving responses on the survey, we realize that it is even more important than we initially thought.  Here are some of the survey responses that show how important developing an on-campus parent community is:

One parent asks for a “parent support group to get to know other parents on campus”

Another asks for “campus events that are family friendly”

Other parents offered ideas to make our campus more accessible to parent-students, here are some of their ideas:

“Better technology in conference rooms would allow for virtual attendance to meetings”
“Campus Housing for families”

“Drop-In childcare services [to use the] laboratory”

“Onsite hot food option to provide meals”

“Childcare at after hour events”

*The above comments were taken from the childcare survey released on Tuesday November 24th 2015.  This survey is active until December 2rd 2015.

As a result of this information we realize that there is a lot of work to be done.  So we need the following positions to be filled as soon as possible to start working on filling the need on campus:

Chief Marketing Officer: coordinates with Chief Planning Officer to develop, create, and distribute marketing materials with respect to campus rules and regulations.

Chief Planning Officer: coordinates and plans events on behalf of the Parent Union.

Treasurer:  completes all funding requests for the Parent Union as well as monitoring yearly budgets.

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please email Ruth Medina and myself:

Ruth Medina

Jessica Cole

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this very long email.  As a campus community we are diverse in our skills, specialties, and background.  We can use that to our advantage and leave our legacy at UWB.  Let us make our community more parent and family friendly!


Jessica Cole & Ruth Medina

Officers of the Parent Union










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