Welcome back this fall of 2015 at the Parent Union!

Hello Parent Union!
I hope that this email finds you settling into your routine for Fall 2015.  I am emailing you today to update you of events that occurred over the summer as well as start a dialogue about what is to come this quarter.
The officers of the Parent Union were hard at work this summer:
  • Ruth Medina traveled to Washington DC where she advocated for Parent’s Rights and networked with politicians that are interested in our cause.
  • Rebecca Diamond & Ruth Medina coordinated a brilliant welcome week performance and information table to promote the Parent Union.  This resulted in the Parent Union gaining several new members!
  • Jessica Cole (myself) compiled a research report about parent run cooperative preschools at institutes of higher learning.  (If anyone is interested in viewing this I can send it to you)
Another interesting update that is both exciting and dismaying is that UW Seattle recently announced that they will dedicate $3 million dollars to child care services.  We hoped that UWB would see some of these funds, but unfortunately the funding is strictly for the Seattle campus.  The following article will fill you in on the details:
I hope that you will all think of this as an opportunity.  The Seattle campus just set a precedent that could cause waves in the UW tri-campus community.  If we all pool together our collective talents and efforts we could ride the wake of this precedent and achieve our goal of a child care at UWB.  We are now the only UW campus without child care.
On that note, the more members that the Parent Union has, the more effective we will be at fighting for our cause.  We ask that you all take a moment during this quarter to tell your classmates about the Parent Union and let them know that they can join and help.  There are multiple ways to do this:
  • Announce the Parent Union in class
  • Send out an email over canvas to all of your classmates
  • Post a flyer in your classroom
All of these would require permission from your instructor as well as following all of the rules about posting flyers.  I’ve attached a copy of a flyer for the Parent Union.  The rules about posting flyers are available on the UWB website through the following link:
Finally, we are welcoming suggestions on how to create a space where members can be involved without having to be at a meeting.  We understand that all of our lives are busy, chaotic, and extremely short on time, so if there is a way where we could all contribute at times and intervals that would best serve our lifestyles we would love to hear about it!
Thank you all for your time, I know that this was a long email!  We look forward to hearing your ideas, thoughts and responses!
Jessica Cole
The Parent Union
The Making School Accessible Project


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