The Parent Union Club

Hello All!
You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in participating in the Parent Union at UWB.  You may know the us as The Making School Accessible Project through Ruth Medina, Rebecca Diamond, or myself, Jessica Cole.  We are busy establishing the club and one of the pieces of information that we need is when our first meeting will be.  We wanted to include as many people as possible, therefore we created a doodle poll to get information on when people can meet.  If you could please take a moment and fill out this poll at the following link we would certainly appreciate it:
Please know that you are welcome to bring your children to these meetings.  We will provide snacks and an activity to keep them entertained.  We are so excited about the opportunities that are ahead of us in our battle to start an onsite child care at UWB, and with your support we will be able to make large strides towards making UWB a family friendly university.  Our sister schools UW Seattle and UW Tacoma are fighting along side us, and so we have a huge opportunity to make change happen.  If you know anyone else that struggles as a parent at UWB or just feels as though they need extra support and community from other parents, please give them our contact information, or send their contact information to us.
If you are not interested in receiving emails about our cause, please email me and I will remove you from our email list.
Thank you!
Jessica Cole
The Making School Accessible Project


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