Review of First Parent Union Meeting

Hello All!
We had our first Parent Union meeting on Tuesday and I wanted to take a moment to catch everyone up on what happened and also thank those of you who were present.  We had a very productive conversation!  Here are some of the main points:
Councils Developed:
Welcome Week Council
Purpose: To coordinate a welcome week event that will market the club to incoming students this fall.
People: Rebecca Diamond, Mariana Medina, & Jessica Cole
Development of UWB Administration Compact:
Purpose: To develop a contract that UWB will sign guaranteeing that goals toward child care will be accomplished
People: Ruth Medina
Information Retrieval for Sam Al-Khoury (head of student affairs)
Purpose: To develop a list of criteria that would make an on campus event family friendly
People: Rebecca Diamond
If anyone would like to join these councils let us know!
Other Topics Discussed:
We discussed rules, club structure, mission, and job duties.  We also distributed documents about the history of the project.
As promised, I developed a JOB DUTY SIGN UP SHEET which you can access at the following Google doc link:
If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a job which works for your schedule.
Also, we have another meeting coming up on Tuesday at 8PM in the Commons.
Thanks again everyone, I’ll see you on Tuesday evening!
Jessica Cole


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