Presenting to the Administration at UWB

Hello All,
One of the projects that is currently in the works is a presentation to the administration about Child Care Options.  Part of the presentation will address the different child care needs on campus.  Something that we cannot determine on our own is what type of childcare needs faculty and staff have.  If you are faculty or staff or have some insight about what faculty and staff would need please let us know so that we can represent your needs at our presentation.  Here are some questions to think about:
-How many hours of childcare would you need per week?
-Would you utilize hourly care for 4 hours or less per day?
-Would you be able to participate in a Co-Op style child care where you would need to commit weekly hours to working at the facility?
-Would you be more likely to utilize full time childcare or part-time childcare?
-What features could be added to campus to make it more accessible for you as a parent? (play structure, indoor play area etc.)
I recognize that this is a busy time of quarter, but any information that you can provide us will aid us in our upcoming presentation in the first week on June.
Thank you in advance for your time!
Jessica Cole


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