Involvement Fair 2015

Hello All,
I hope you are enjoying your summer, I would like to invite you to participate in a welcome week event that The Parent Union will host in October 1st from 12:30-3:30pm.  Rebecca is planning an entire performance with ice cream to give out and we will also have an information booth for new parenting students it will be very fun and informative! Also if you would like to help the committee putting this event together you can also let Rebecca know and  we would be happy to have you support us.
On a trip advocating for childcare in Olympia with our legislators I met Adie Simmons with the Washington Family Engagement Organization and I wanted to share with you some information that she sent me, I will forward it to everyone after this email.
Also Fridays are sounding good with several of us, during the day if you would ever like to meet and chat about school, family, the childcare project or just hang out 😊.
Thank you,
Ruth Medina
Right to Childcare
Making School Accessible


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