First Parent Union Meeting

Hello Everyone!
We have scheduled our first Parent Union meeting to be this upcoming Tuesday May 19th at 8PM in the UW2 Commons.  This meeting is very important for members to attend because we will be going over the details and mission of the Parent Union.
We have a lot of work to do to make The University of Washington Bothell a place that supports non-traditional students.  We need you all to make this project successful, and so we would appreciate if you would tell other students, faculty, and staff about the Parent Union.  Please know that anyone is welcome to join our meetings and that children are always allowed to attend.
We will provide giveaways, snacks, and a place to vent.  So bring yourself and your struggles, because we want to hear about both of them.
Something to think about:  UW Seattle and UW Tacoma are fighting for either establishing onsite childcare or expanding what they have.  We are not alone in our mission to make school more accessible to non-traditional students, and so with the amount of support that is available to us, we have the capacity to make a difference.  On that note, the more people that join in, the more capacity we have.  So show up, tell others, and speak up for what you believe in, because if you don’t, your voice won’t be heard.
We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.
Jessica Cole
The Making School Accessible Project


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